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Open graph error validating access token

In addition to the above syntax, the syntax file name may be used to have tcpdump read the provided file in.

The file is opened upon receiving the first ESP packet, so any special permissions that tcpdump may have been given should already have been given up.

Savefiles after the first savefile will have the name specified with the -w flag, with a number after it, starting at 1 and continuing upward.

The units of file_size are millions of bytes (1,000,000 bytes, not 1,048,576 bytes).

One problem with this approach is that it will cause a network round-trip that is often unnecessary.

Another option is to call it when a session change notification occurs, indicating that a session has closed.

The interface name or the number can be supplied to the -i flag to specify an interface on which to capture.

This can be useful on systems that don't have a command to list them (e.g., Windows systems, or UNIX systems lacking ifconfig -a); the number can be useful on Windows 2000 and later systems, where the interface name is a somewhat complex string.

tcpdump - dump traffic on a network tcpdump [ -Ad Defl Ln NOpq RStu Uvx X ] [ -c count ] [ -C file_size ] [ -F file ] [ -i interface ] [ -m module ] [ -M secret ] [ -r file ] [ -s snaplen ] [ -T type ] [ -w file ] [ -W filecount ] [ -E algo:secret,...Algorithms may be des-cbc, 3des-cbc, blowfish-cbc, rc3-cbc, cast128-cbc, or none. The ability to decrypt packets is only present if tcpdump was compiled with cryptography enabled. The option is only for debugging purposes, and the use of this option with a true `secret' key is discouraged.By presenting IPsec secret key onto command line you make it visible to others, via ps(1) and other occasions.I'm trying to transition my app to the new Facebook SDK 3.1 (with support for i OS6 authentication).I had it working just fine, so I then decided to remove the app from my list of authorized apps on the FB website in order to test that i OS would ask for permission again.

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In the next update of the SDK, the SDK will automatically call this API when it receives a response from the server indicating that a token has become invalid.